Crust Love: Mrs. V’s Sweet Raisin Bread

We’re crust people. It’s just part of who we are. My dad and I share a common understanding about the complexities and deliciousness of the perfect crust. My mom isn’t as discerning, which is totally fine. Sometimes life is simpler when you’re not so particular.

raisin bread 0014I adore crusts of all textures, shapes, and sizes that come from all types of bread. I love it plain, dipped in good olive oil, or smothered with butter. For us, the crust is arguably the best part of the bread. We enjoy making bread of all varieties, from super crunchy yeast breads in Dutch ovens to beautifully braided challah to sweet zucchini loaves. Each type is delicious in its own special way and boasts a distinct texture of crust.

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Honey Wheat Bread

Nothing beats a fresh baked loaf of bread on a cold winter day. We make this bread year round, but there is something special about a warm slice of hearty bread to accompany a big bowl of soup for a cozy winter meal. Plus, there just aren’t words to describe the amazing aroma that fills your kitchen when you have a fresh loaf of bread baking away in the oven.

This honey wheat bread is a favorite in our house. The honey makes it slightly sweet, while the whole wheat flour provides robustness and an almost nutty flavor.  This bread is incredibly versatile, and the possibilities for delicious creations with it are endless!

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